Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Sign Fairy Strikes Again! Chicken Signs in Clearwater, FLorida 813-777-7185

FUN SIGN SURPRISE of Tampa made a special trip into Clearwater to deliver chicken signs to a special lady who has a distinct infinity for chickens!
The husband saw the article written about our amazing BIRTHDAY LAWN DECORATION COMPANY in the St. Petersburg Times back in November, and knew that he HAD to order our chickens for his wife's 50th birthday this week!
Don't get your feathers ruffled - Lorene! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Cows in Florida! When's the last time you gave a herd of cows as a gift? 813-777-7185

Fun Sign Surprise had the rare occasion to deliver two flocks in the same night only 1.5 miles apart!! It’s a miracle!
We also brought our camera to see if we could take some decent looking night pictures. As you can see.. we have a lot to learn about night-time photography!
BUT - what we did learn from Herb's daughter is that Herb gets up very early every morning and goes to work in Tampa. He works for the government… GOOD FOR YOU HERB!
Hope you have a GREAT birthday!!!!

BIRTHDAY LAWN DECORATIONS- Lithia, Florida - 813-777-7185

Fun Sign Surprise - Tampa, Florida - went out this morning to pick up this display.... and was quite surprised to find it all still in the yard.. because it was WINDY last night!!! We put it out EARLY on monday morning for Kate's birthday.
Her sister Tess, from Ohio, ordered it... and called me yesterday to tell me that Kate LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! She was so excited about the BRA display because her and her sister did the 3-Day Breast Cancer walk last year together in Tampa! How great is that??!!??
Fun Sign Surprise - serving the entire Tampa Bay area!

Monday, January 19, 2009

40th Birthday Yard Decorations! FUN SIGN SURPRISE 813-777-7185

Fun Sign Surprise was SURPRISED today when we got these two pictures in our email! We had put out this display and had completely forgotten to take a picture of it!
Much to my surprise - I got a "THANK YOU" email with these two pictures attached!
Happy 40th Birthday Jennifer! SERVING ALL OF TAMPA BAY!

Tampa Birthday Lawn Ornaments! FUN SIGN SURPRISE!

Fun Sign Surprise is located in Hillsborough County - and is FAMILY owned and operated! Shop local!
Anyway, the FAMILY went on vacation.. but the flocking continued on! We hired special sign fairies to put out a display in Valrico, FL for Jason's 23rd birthday.. and for Karen and Richard's 25th wedding anniversary!
SORRY ! Our substitute sign fairies failed to take pictures! So, I am posting a picture of our SNOWY vacation! (We own the mountainhouse - check out our website at
Keep mentioning this blog and receive $10 off your next flock!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Lawn Ornaments - Florida - 813-777-7185

Fun Sign Surprise is Tampa Bay's *PREMIER* lawn greetings company.
RATED #1 in design and appearance!
We are a family owned and operated business located in Tampa Florida - Hillsborough County.
We provide a quality lawn display, excellent customer service, and a FREE gift with every order!
Not sure that we deliver to your area? Give us a CALL!
*813-777-7185 * 813-777-7185 *

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Fun Sign Surprise! Riverview, Tampa, Brandon & More! 813-777-7185

Birthday Lawn Signs are the best way to celebrate a birthday!
*FUN SIGN SURPRISE of TAMPA, FLORIDA put this display in Brandon on Thursday night for a lady named Kathy. Her younger sister, Pat, ordered it... and thought it would be a great gag gift!
Of course, we showed up on a HOT Saturday afternoon to pick it up.. YES, its still hot in January here in FLORIDA!! And we picked up the whole flock when she then pulled into the driveway. We had already taken a picture, but of course, we love to have pictures of REAL people with their flocks!
Kathy obliged, and we quickly put out the flock to take this picture! Thank you Kathy (for your patience and willingness to let us take your picture).... and Pat for your business!
Call and place an order for a yard display today!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Attention Tampa Florida! This is WAY better than a birthday card! 813-777-7185

When Fun Sign Surprise was picking up this flock tonight, we had already loaded up the van, and DONNY came running outside to thank us! So we quickly grabbed the palm tree back out of the van and took a picture with him standing by his tree for the blog! Thanks Donny! You're quite the sport!
He said he was TOTALLY "shocked at the flock" (ha ha) ! His wife, Nada, got him good!
Imagine what's going to happen for his 40th birthday!
Mention this blog - get $10 off!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Card for your FRONT YARD! 813-777-7185

What do you get the person who has EVERYTHING?
(or how about a lawn full of bra's and panties??)
FUN SIGN SURPRISE helps people surprise their loved ones and celebrate special occasions!
*Randy's wife wanted to surprise him because his birthday is the week after Christmas and is often "over-looked" ! -- WELL - it wasn't overlooked this year!!!!
We specialize in last minute requests!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I GOT FLOCKED for my birthday! *FUN SIGN SURPRISE* Tampa Florida

I GOT FLOCKED by Fun Sign Surprise ! Lou's parents wanted to help her celebrate IN STYLE! What better gift than a yard full of PIGS!
"Someone Squealed!"
Here's what Lou's mother had to say - "Dear Kelly, Lou called this morning as soon as she saw the PIGS! She loved them. We drove down immediately to see them. All of the neighbors are getting a kick out of it also! Thanks so much, Kelly! Barbara"
(*mention you saw this blog, and get $10 off your next flock!)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Fun Sign Surprise is having quite the 2009! We've had a flock everyday this year so far!!
Here is a picture of our customer last night....that woke up this morning to a yard full of flamingos! Donna was nice enough to send us these pictures and a little note:
"What a wonderful surprise from my daughter and she told me how you all went the extra mile to make sure this happened. Thank you. It was awesome and I was TOTALLY surprised. I am a very sound sleeper and I heard nothing. We get these flock of white birds in our yard all the time and when I woke up I told my husband, wow, look at the birds out there and then I figured it out - it was just too funny. Thanks for making my day and my birthday so special. Donna "

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fun Sign Surprise - Surprise Birthday Greetings - Florida -813-777-7185

Fun Sign Surprise is ringing in the New Year with *NEW* specials! Take advantage of our DAYTIME flocking special!! $20 off any daytime flocking!
Fun Sign Surprise was hired to put in this daytime flocking (CHICKENS, CHICKENS, CHICKENS!!) on 12/31/08... our last FLOCKING of the year!
Its not too late! We specialize in last minute requests!